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Wedding Photographer Buffalo NY

Searching Google for  wedding photographer  Buffalo NY? All great wedding photographers have something in common:  The Bride and Groom’s personality will show through in an easy, relaxed way.  Wedding photography is no different, but with a great deal of added pressure.  Your photographer must be experienced enough to quickly capture organic moments, creating natural portraits that reflect the bride and groom’s personality and style.  They must be able to consistently produce timeless images of the highest quality, and know how to adapt when things are not going to plan.  A great photographer will salvage otherwise missed opportunities and get you back on track. 

I will draw on my 15+ years of experience to listen to you, translate your vision and memorialize your wedding.  My style is a blend of organic, candid moments and modern, relaxed posing to help you feel at ease. I offer one or two photographer packages, which are flexible and customized, and you are always assured that I will be the photographer on your big day.

I am always transparent and honest.  Pricing is clear and set ahead of time – no hidden costs or surprises.  I also offer a unique perspective on blending photo & video, as well as a wide range of albums and products. 

Located on Main Street in Clarence, NY – serving all of Buffalo and Western New York.

How to Find the Best Wedding Photographer in Buffalo NY area

Once-in-a-lifetime moments Wedding Photographer
Buffalo NY

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There are hundreds of Wedding Photographers in Buffalo NY, How do you find the best for your wedding? Most likely you will interview wedding photographers in Buffalo NY area for your upcoming nuptials. Wedding photography is a fun and fascinating field of work which suggests that there are many individuals who attempt to make a living as a wedding photographer. So when preparing for your wedding event what’s the best way for you to choose between all the potential wedding photographers?

Bear in mind that many people call themselves wedding photographers yet they don’t really require any sort of license for this job, unlike say an auto mechanic or beautician which both require a license. Some states or municipalities may require some sort of certification for wedding photographers, New York does not require this. Where certification is required it doesn’t imply those without that certification are much less qualified or that a certification means the certified photographer knows something unique.

Most likely the most effective way to select a wedding a photographer is to study their wedding photography with a critical eye. How do their wedding portraits look to you? Are they light and dull and do they resemble everyone else’s? Most of today’s wedding digital photographers  use interesting poses as well as software that enhance the  images. When looking at the photographer’s wedding photographs are they something you can see yourself in these types of poses? Be sure to look at several weddings the wedding photographer has taken. This way you can see how different they have shot different weddings. Remember that it depends on the wedding event, time of day and the bride and grooms preference as to what their photographs may look like. That is why it is important to look at several weddings the photographer has shot.

Make certain the photographer has the innovative abilities to take the kind of wedding pictures you would like.

Bring some wedding photographs perhaps from a magazine that you like. It’s likewise crucial for wedding  photographers to get a genuine feel for the personality of the bride and also the wedding itself. Wedding events can be formal and also classy or an informal beach affair or anything in between. The photos are going to be  different for various kinds of settings as well as for the new brides preferences themselves. If you’re trying to choose in between wedding photographers in Buffalo NY area give tracy Dorr a call and schedule a time to go over your preferences for a wedding photographer.


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