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It’s hard for you to make such a big decision when everything at this point is still hypothetical.  Reviews on photographers can help you out, as well as seeing a more complete look at real weddings.  That, combined with their biography can give you the education you need to make your decision.  These days, it’s not hard to pull a couple of standout images from a few thousand.  It’s too easy to look “great” with only a handful of images – heck, you could do that with a cell phone.  Great wedding photographers must capture a complete record – you have to look at the end product as a whole.  We have to know how to cover our bases in order to ensure that you get the best product, and we have to know how to roll with it when plans change.  A few great images are of no use to you if the photographer blows the rest.  Sometimes we need to take charge to make sure things keep moving in the right direction, and sometimes we need to quietly take a back seat.  Experience teaches us when to know the difference.  Working methodically keeps us from making mistakes and creates interesting variety.  Please enjoy these real wedding previews to give you a clear picture of my aesthetic, allowing you to see a wedding as more than one single image. 

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